Why is everyone talking about Roblox?

Everyone should have been talking about it sooner
Why is everyone talking about Roblox?

Here’s an interesting fact: more than half of U.S. youngsters under the age of 16 played Roblox in 2020, yet many adults still don’t know what it is.

However, Roblox fever has engulfed the entire universe. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and CNN have all recently written on this thing called Roblox. In March, Google searches for Roblox stock soared, and celebrities like Reese Witherspoon are making fun about it. However, you may be unaware of why Roblox has reached mainstream popularity in 2021.

So, I’m here to clarify everything.


Roblox is an online gaming platform and marketplace where users may purchase and play games. Roblox is not a game; rather, it is a platform where individuals may play games created by other creators. In this regard, it is more like to the PC platform Steam than to any online children’s game.

What distinguishes Roblox from other games platforms, including storefronts such as Steam, is that all of its games are created by its players. The joy on Roblox comes not just from playing games, but also from creating them. These games are created by platform users rather than Roblox Corporation. The official website now claims that its users have produced over 20 million games on the platform.


Because anyone, including children, may make a fortune on the site. By monetizing their games, some creators may earn up to $1 million in a single year. Although Roblox and all of its games are free, many children purchase and spend a virtual money known as Robux on cosmetic objects in Roblox games. Roblox creators are entitled to a percentage of these transactions in the form of Robux. Once a developer has accumulated enough Robux, they may utilize a tool called the Developer Exchange (commonly known as DevEx) to convert their Robux to actual money.

Individual producers aren’t the only ones benefiting. Roblox Corporation is a surprisingly valuable company. Roblox Corporation became public on Wednesday, which means that its shares are now available for purchase. Its stock ($RBLX) had a fantastic debut day, opening at $45 and ending at $69.50 a share. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company’s market valuation was over $45 billion. To give you a sense of how big that is, Epic Games, the creators of the wildly famous Fortnite and Unreal Engine software, were valued at $17.3 billion in late 2020. (Epic Games is still a privately held corporation.)Roblox’s commercial success, along with the fact that the Roblox economy is virtually completely operated by young people who can make a lot of money, has piqued the interest of many individuals.


In certain circumstances, extremely popular. Adopt Me!, a pet simulation game in which youngsters acquire and care for animals, surpassed 1.6 million concurrent players in April 2020, according to its producers, and has been viewed over 20.4 billion times. (The developer has not made the numbers for unique logins available.) At the time of publishing, another game named Brookhaven had the highest concurrent users, with over 420,000 individuals playing it.


Roblox allows anybody to create games. The platform enables young people to realize their own gaming concepts. It accomplishes this by giving a set of game production tools that practically anybody, even children, can learn to use. If a game takes off, these creators can grow since Roblox makes it simple to transform your invention into an online multiplayer game.

The scripting language used in the games is Lua, which is easier to learn than most other computer languages. The firm offers developer forums where developers may troubleshoot and acquire new abilities. Developers don’t have to worry about technicalities like how to set up servers with Roblox; they just design the game, and gamers can play it through online multiplayer. Each developer choose how far they want to go with game development.


The simplest answer is that there is no such thing as a “typical Roblox game.” Roblox is a platform that allows users to create whatever they desire. There are several games available, ranging from single-player platformers to first-person shooters. Having said that, the most popular games are simulators in which individuals may role-play various scenarios, such as going to school or visiting a pizza restaurant.


The platform and its games are both free to download. Roblox games, on the other hand, may allow in-game purchases of cosmetic goods, skins, or other enhancements. In Adopt Me!, for example, players adopt and care for pets, and a kid can purchase an egg that will hatch a pet. Because each game is unique, in-game purchases will differ.


Roblox’s bright and whimsical realms have long been isolated from the rest of the gaming industry. Since its inception in 2006, the firm has remained relatively unknown, restricted to the narrow demographic of “children’s games.” Over time, the firm has grown and supported the young creators that release their games on the Roblox platform. By doing so, the business built a platform that served as a parallel gaming industry. Roblox has its own set of games, developers, and conferences.

Many creators on the platform are now encouraged by the company’s current worth. Now that the larger firm has gone public, some developers are already talking about buying their own stock. Alex Hicks, owner of the Roblox company Red Manta, told Polygon that the public offering is exciting because it “certainly brings more attention to companies.” “A lot of youngsters already know what Roblox is,” he said, “but they’re just touching the surface with the adult audience.” Roblox has been expanding for some time, and its designers are expected to gain greater broad recognition in the future.

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