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Warner Bros. may have big MultiVersus plans for Big Chungus

Go pow, big rabbit!

One of 2016’s biggest memes may be making a comeback in one of 2022’s finest games.

Warner Bros. has registered a trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for the use of Big Chungus in a wide range of products and services, including multimedia and merchandise. As your grandparents would tell you, Big Chungus was the name of a meme involving a huge Bugs Bunny that became famous on the internet in 2016.

The file, which was originally seen on Twitter by VGC writer Andrew Marmo, does not disclose Warner Bros.’ intended ambitions for Big Chungus — he previously appeared in a mobile gacha game — but considering the success of the free-to-play fighter MultiVersus, that would be a fair first guess.

Again, it’s unclear whether the Big Bun will join MultiVersus, but it’s not a terrible idea to start thinking about squad composition – perhaps he’d work well with Arya Stark or Morty. That final one is pretty much a meme in and of himself.

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