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There is now an official modification tool for Cyberpunk 2077

Mods are the epitome of Cyberpunk

CD Projekt is making modding a little easier for Cyberpunk 2077 gamers. The developer published official mod tools earlier this week, making it easier for players to build new content for the game. The modifying toolset, known as REDmod, is accessible for free on the game’s website.

CD Projekt describes the modding add-on as post-launch downloadable content; in addition to assisting gamers in creating their own content, REDmod should make mod installation easier. Rather than installing or uninstalling modifications from the game’s files, users will be able to do it using the REDmod launcher, as long as the mods are compatible with it.

While REDmod will make things easier for developers and gamers, Cyberpunk 2077 will still accept earlier modifications. According to CD Projekt’s website, gamers may still load and run modifications via the Archive folder, but such modules will not appear in the REDmod launcher unless they are updated to support it.

CD Projekt further states in its statement that these tools are just for fan use and should not be commercialized, implying that modders should not sell their REDmod creations. The firm also cautions players that they are still governed by the licensing agreement for the game, which means that mods must avoid objectionable and unlawful content.

The official and easy-to-access mod support for Cyberpunk 2077 arrives about two years after the game’s initial release, and many months after its availability on current-generation consoles. The Phantom Liberty expansion, which will be the game’s lone expansion pack, is expected to appear sometime in 2023 as the second batch of post-release content for Cyberpunk 2077.

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