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The Xbox app on PC now shares How Long To Beat data on games

With just one stat, you can avoid commitment concerns.

The term “video game” encompasses a wide range of experiences, from a four-hour adventure through a horror campaign to a lengthy, meandering voyage through a fantasy universe. Microsoft revealed a handy new option for the Xbox software on PC to deal with this very problem on Wednesday: It’s a tool that informs you how long it takes to beat a game on average.

“We teamed with HowLongToBeat for a unique feature that makes it even simpler to select your next PC game – beginning today, you can browse estimates for how long it will take you to complete a game in the game details pages for most PC Game Pass games,” according to the statement.

HowLongToBeat is a long-running community project in which players may contribute statistics on how long it took them to complete a game while accounting for different playstyles. For example, according to averages based on player responses, completing a game’s main questline and defeating the final boss may take 20 hours; completing all side quests and unlocking optional routes may take 35 hours; and playing the game to 100% completion may take 50 hours.

This is a fantastic quality-of-life option to have, especially given the size of the Xbox Game Pass collection. Sometimes you want to sit in and play a 100-hour RPG; other times, you simply want something light that you can finish in a few of evenings.

Other updates to the Xbox software for PC include simpler browsing and improved layouts for specific game pages. The current version also improves the app’s performance and stability, allowing it to start 15% faster and cut player reports of unsuccessful downloads in half.

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