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The Slums’ Stray Guide: How to Open the Safe

Here's how to figure out the mystery password to the safe.
The Slums' Stray Guide: How to Open the Safe

You’ll come upon a safe in The Slums early on in Stray. There’s a clue on the safe to assist you figure out its “strange password,” but none of the robots in town can decrypt it for you (since, unlike whomever authored the message, they’re not “true nerds”).

This Stray guide will assist you with locating the password, opening the safe in the Slums, and retrieving the Sheet Music prize from within.


The Slums' Stray Guide: How to Open the Safe

If you’re still in the first few chapters of Stray, keep going until you reach The Slums (chapter 4) and begin interacting with the town’s mechanical people. Turn left after speaking with the Guardian and being deemed safe.

Morusque, the local guitarist, may be found down a little incline. You’ll need to collect Sheet Music for them in another mission, but for now, simply stroll by. When you approach a gate, turn left to find a narrow lane. When you walk in, you’ll see the safe. Interact with it to obtain a clue item that you may display to the residents of the town.

You can now browse around to try to solve the riddle for yourself, or you can keep reading for the solution.


The Slums' Stray Guide: How to Open the Safe

You’ll need to go to the local bar to find the code. Turn away from the Guardian and go straight until you notice a bright red sign adorning the entrance of the neighborhood watering place. When you walk inside, you’ll notice another neon red sign against the wall that says “Dufer Bar.” A beach is depicted above the sign.

The Slums' Stray Guide: How to Open the Safe

Climb onto the counter and approach the sign and photo. When you interact with it, the cat will knock the image off the wall, revealing the code: 1283. This is the alley safe code, so memorize it or snap a screenshot of it (or just bookmark this guide).

Return to the safe adjacent to Morusque. When you enter the four-digit code, it will swing open, displaying the eighth and final Sheet Music page for the guitarist. Take this treasure and give it to Morusque so he can continue his mission.

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