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The Scarlet Witch is getting a new comic where she runs a magic shop

Darkhold curses are being exchanged for discounted scented candles.

Wanda Maximoff, Marvel’s magical mutant, returns in an all-new continuing solo book written by Steve Orlando (Marauders, the Darkhold epic) and illustrated by Sara Pichelli (Ultimate Spider-Man).

Scarlet Witch follows Wanda, who has found forgiveness after the events of X-Men: Trial of Magneto, and has opened a witchcraft business to help people in need. Wanda must utilize her powers as one of the world’s most powerful magic users to assist a lady who walks through her door with a horrific narrative of a village gone insane.

“The Scarlet Witch has been with me since I first stepped into the House of Ideas,” Orlando stated in a news release. “In fact, she was the star of my very first Marvel piece, Darkhold, kicking ass, weaving spells, and humiliating Doom!” So I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to collaborate on Scarlet Witch.”

“You’ve been waiting so long for a Scarlet Witch solo return!” Pichelli elaborated. “Finally, that day has here, and I am very delighted that my art was chosen to make this happen.” I can’t wait to see the book.”

Check out a first glance at Russell Dauterman’s debut Scarlet Witch cover, which features Wanda’s freshly revised outfit.

The Scarlet Witch is getting a new comic where she runs a magic shop

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