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The PS5 has been updated to be lighter and more power efficient

The '1200' PS5, which is available in Australia, has significantly modified internals

Sony discreetly unveiled a new PlayStation 5 model in Australia last week. According to reports, the new model, designated as the 1200, is lighter than its predecessor, the 1100, which debuted last year.

Austin Evans, a YouTuber, has gotten a 1200-model PS5 (Digital Edition), put it through some preliminary testing, and did a breakdown. Evans’ first research on the 1100 suggested that its cooling assembly would perform worse than the 1200, leading to suspicions that the model was a downgrade – fears that proved untrue.

Evans’ findings on the 1200 model, on the other hand, are notable. It’s half a pound lighter than the 1100 and a full pound lighter than the launch model, which is a notable difference. The deconstruction reveals significantly altered and downsized internals, including a smaller motherboard and heatsink, as well as a new heat pipe. The 1200 is quite similar to the preceding versions in terms of noise and heat production.

The big news is that the new PS5 looks to use far less power. Evans discovered that the 1200 model drew 20-30 W less than the previous PS5 versions in a basic gaming test (running a scenario from Astro’s Playroom). If further comprehensive testing confirms this, it would imply a non-trivial reduction in the power consumption of playing games on a PS5 of between

Evans claims that Sony will “almost surely” save money on the next PS5. It is common for electronics manufacturers to discover efficiency and cost savings as they perfect their products, but these usually coincide with price reductions for customers. Sony, on the other hand, recently hiked the price of the PS5 in markets other than the United States.

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