The next Netflix drama from the creator of Midnight Club has a scary teaser

Start your Halloween with these scary stories

The creator of The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass is returning, just in time for Halloween. Mike Flanagan’s newest Netflix comedy, The Midnight Club, follows eight kids living in a hospice care who gather at midnight in a dark library to share terrifying stories.

Sounds simple enough, but the trailer is a rollercoaster, cramming a half-dozen genres into three minutes. It appears to be a happy coming-of-age narrative about an overachieving adolescent girl who learns to let go — until she catches cancer and is sent to a hospice facility. From then, it momentarily becomes an uplifting comic drama about a group of ill kids uniting before devolving into horrific horror. The protagonists begin to investigate the stories surrounding the house and do whatever it takes to survive their illnesses.

The Midnight Club premiered on Netflix on October 7.

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