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The finest feature of Marvel Snap is how it teaches you how to play

Developer Second Dinner cleverly skips right to the good stuff

Marvel Snap removes one of the most significant hurdles that prevents me from playing card games – a plethora of intricate rules that I must understand before I can begin playing. Marvel Snap isn’t simple – far from it. That intricacy, however, is gradually revealed owing to a lengthy but deceptively veiled set of instructive matches.

On the surface, Marvel Snap is a pretty basic game that anybody can play without any prior knowledge: You simply need to win at least two of the three positions on the board by making the numbers increase. You win a location if you play cards at a location with more attack numbers than your opponent. Second Dinner has cleverly slipped in complexity on top of this simple idea, gradually introducing players to increasingly complicated cards and systems. I was astounded at how soon I felt like a card-carrying savant.

Second Dinner does this with Marvel Snap by introducing new mechanics over hours of bot games, at least up to level 30. You begin with a pre-built deck of 12 cards, and you gain more cards by playing. Even if you simply pay attention to power levels, which are the numbers that sum up to award you a win at each of the three spots on the board, it’s simple to win in these early games.It’s important to have a place where you can play with basic cards and discover how they function via trial and error — without much consequence — and it seems like you’re avoiding the dull parts of learning since you’re simply playing games. And, with only six turns every round, you can play a lot of games in the early stages before moving on to real players.

New cards appear on sometimes in your opponents’ decks as you work on unlocking your own. It’s a good way to get to know the cards and what they do before you play them. The cards themselves have a lot of variation, and the playable locations extend what’s available for strategy. At its foundation, though, each of these cards has one thing in common: they all have power and energy needs. Aside from that, cards might have a variety of abilities or special effects stated at the bottom. It’s simple to comprehend how these cards function; the difficult part is figuring out how to make them work for you in order to win.

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