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Stranger Things’ Surfer Boy Pizza number really lets you call Argyle

There is a real-world Easter egg in the fake phone number.

Stranger Things season 4 episodes have already been uploaded on Netflix, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more riddles for fans to solve. For example, fans have discovered that dialing the number of Surfer Boy Pizza, the show’s in-universe pizza parlor, can result in a personalized greeting from Argyle, the restaurant’s perpetually stoned delivery driver.

During the program, the number is displayed on the side of his vehicle as 805-45-pizza (or 805-457-4992). If you call in person, you’ll hear Argyle say his introductory line before pausing himself to discuss a tremendously intricate order to a coworker.
Here’s a breakdown of the sequence he recounts:

Brochacos, I just received another order before this guy on wait, and it’s incredibly particular, like strange specific. Are you prepared? So, first and foremost, it must have a six-inch crust and be very golden. I’m not sure, don’t ask me. That’s exactly what they stated. Then we got to get the red sauce, just up to the crust’s border. So don’t go overboard. And then they want four chops of white mozzarella, three beautiful and vivid orange habaneros, and two green pepper slices. Gotta let the habanero sing, buddy. Then a single slice of blue cheese on top. Now I get what you mean.Blue cheese is dangerously close to mold. But, have you ever tried it? Try before you say no, guy. That’s all I’ve got. Did you get the order? Okay, nice.

Argyle returns to the phone momentarily after the order to thank you for holding, then hangs up and terminates the call. It’s unclear whether this leads to a broader Stranger Things Easter egg or not, but it’s a wonderful surprise for fans as season 5 approaches.

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