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Splitgate’s creator has announced a new sequel to the indie shooter smash

Yes, portals will be there in the new game

Splitgate is a surprisingly little game that has had a massive influence on the competitive shooter genre. The notion of the game is fantastic: it’s Halo multiplayer action, but everyone has a Portal pistol. On Friday, 1047 Games announced that it will cease production on additional Splitgate features and content in order to build a new game set in the same universe utilizing Unreal Engine 5.

“After careful analysis and considerable debate, the 1047 Games team has realized that in order to make the game fans want — and to build it in a way that isn’t attempting to retrofit and live run a current product,” the firm stated in a Twitter statement.

Over the past three years, Splitgate’s outstanding idea and gameplay have established a large and committed fanbase. After more than 100,000 reviews since its release, the game has received an overall “extremely favorable” rating from Steam users.

Aside from the fact that it will be a free-to-play shooter with portal weapons, 1047 Games has not revealed much more about the upcoming release. Splitgate succeeded when many other shooter games failed due to the power of these gateways. When I first played the game in 2019, I was blown away by the tactical options it provided.

With portals, scenarios that are fairly typical in the genre, such as a sniper facing down a chokepoint full of foes or a frenzied clash between rivals, become significantly more intriguing. Players can deceive one another, execute devious escapes, and generate trick shots from otherwise unattainable angles.

While the current game is a fantastic shooter, it will be intriguing to see where the developer takes the title in the future. Apex Legends and Valorant have achieved success by focusing on the game’s character design and developing a fascinating roster, whilst other titles have focused on introducing additional PvP modes and match kinds.

While the new game is in the works, 1047 Games says it will continue to support Splitgate with minor updates and patches.

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