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Soon, Marvel Snap will allow you to play versus your pals

You better polish up that deck to face friends

Later this year, Marvel Snap, the free-to-play virtual card game created by Hearthstone creators, will have a new mode that will let you to play against your pals. The Washington Post broke the news in an interview with the developers.

Marvel Snap is a fast-paced card game with six turns every round. As the title indicates, the game features an eclectic cast of Marvel super heroes and characters from all corners of the Marvel world, including everyone from the hugely popular Spider-Man to the lesser known Devil Dinosaur. The game was publicly released globally at the end of October and is free to play on Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

The game now automatically pairs users against bots or other people depending on skill. The creators detailed a new “combat mode” that will be “friend-centric” and allow users to play versus particular people in an interview with the Washington Post. When the mode is released, players will be able to compete and evaluate how their plans and decks stack up against those of their friends.

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