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Season 3 of The Owl House will premiere in October

Exactly in time for Halloween

The Owl House’s third and final season will air on Disney Channel on October 15 at 9:00 p.m. EDT. But there’s a catch. This third season is made up of three 44-minute specials rather than a complete season. Only the first of these specials will be released on October 15. The other two are scheduled for release in 2023.

[Editor’s note: Season 2 finale spoilers ahead!]

The first special will take place immediately after the events of season 2, in which spunky adolescent witch Luz, her girlfriend Amity, and the rest of their pals were abandoned in the human world when the Collector, a weird super-powerful entity, took over the Boiling Isles. While the youngsters made it safely to the human realm, Luz’s tutor, the crazy Eda the Owl Lady, and many of the elders were left at the mercy of the Collector.

Despite enormous critical success and a vast audience, Disney did not order a full third season of The Owl House. As creator Dana Terrace explained, it was simply because the show did not suit the Disney brand. It’s unclear if this is due to the longer serialized episodes compared to other Disney animated programs, the fact that it’s about witches and demons, or the presence of important LGBT characters.

The first two seasons of The Owl House are available to watch on Disney Plus.

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