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Overwatch 2’s new tank hero is a hybrid of a robot freedom fighter and the Incredible Hulk

Ramattra, the commander of the Null Sector, will join the Overwatch 2 roster in December
Overwatch 2's new tank hero is a hybrid of a robot freedom fighter and the Incredible Hulk

The next Overwatch 2 hero isn’t really new. More than three years ago, towards the conclusion of an Overwatch Archives event dubbed Storm Rising, players had a glimpse of him, an Omnic activist known as Ramattra. The cliffhanger announcement of a terrifying Omnic joining up with the villain Doomfist during the Overwatch League Grand Finals on Friday paid off when Blizzard Entertainment introduced the new tank-class character coming to Overwatch 2 next month.

Ramattra will join the Overwatch 2 roster on December 6, coinciding with the launch of the game’s second season. He’ll be the 11th tank character in the game, and he’ll offer a new mechanic to the tank group: Ramattra has two forms: the regular Omnic form and the hulking Nemesis form.

Ramattra fights in his regular Omnic form with a staff that launches missiles and can build a barrier to protect his squad. When Ramattra hulks up, he transforms into a massive brawler capable of devastating melee strikes that will terrorize the enemy team’s “squishies.” Ramattra’s metamorphosis from a pretty standard-sized hero to one of the game’s largest was described as “frightening” and “menacing” by Overwatch devs. That transformation into his more aggressive Nemesis form makes him more lethal, but it also leaves him a far more vulnerable target for assaults like Ana’s sleep dart or Zenyatta’s orb of discord.

However, Ramattra will provide tank players with additional gameplay options, allowing them to choose between defending their squad with longer-range attacks and barriers and aggressively leading the charge into combat. While in Nemesis form, his fists may pierce through barriers, according to lead hero designer Alec Dawson, enabling counters to “bubbles” from characters like Winston and Zarya.

During a press conference on Thursday, Blizzard didn’t reveal much about Ramattra’s skill set or stats, instead focusing on the Omnic’s narrative role in Overwatch’s universe.

Overwatch 2's new tank hero is a hybrid of a robot freedom fighter and the Incredible Hulk

According to Blizzard’s official origin narrative, Ramattra was created as a war machine during the Omnic Crisis, but he abandoned his weaponry to pursue peace with Zenyatta. Ramattra continued that calm route for a time until eventually ruling Null Sector and battling for his people’s survival by whatever means necessary.

“Omnics and humans have attempted to cohabit, but as you’ve seen in the lore, that hasn’t worked out for them,” said lead narrative designer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie. “Ramattra has grown tired of waiting and has become irritable.” He founded this group with few partners to fight for the Omnic people’s independence and safety at whatever cost.”

Ramattra, like Kiriko, appears to be available through Overwatch 2’s battle pass. Players that buy the premium version of the pass will obtain him right now, while others will have to level up the free version of the pass to get him. When asked if Blizzard planned to modify the needed battle pass level for Ramattra’s release — which was 55 for Kiriko — art director Dion Rogers delayed, adding that the Overwatch team is always examining its plans. “It’s a continual topic of discussion for our team,” Rogers added.

Ramattra will appear in Season 2 alongside a new terrain with undisclosed links to the new hero, according to the devs. Overwatch 2 will feature more heroes, including a new support-class character, around 2023.

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