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Manifest season 4 receives a trailer before its final Netflix release

The improbable hit will be released in November.

The first trailer for Manifest’s fourth and final season, which will air on Netflix, has been released. The series’ creator, Jeff Rake, will return for the upcoming season, as will its actors, Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallos, Athena Karkanis, and J.R. Ramirez.

The first look of Manifest season 4 emerged on Saturday at Netflix’s Tudum event. The last season of the show will consist of 20 episodes, with the first batch premiering on November 4.

Manifest follows the passengers on an intercontinental aircraft that encounters extreme turbulence and is forced to detour. Despite the fact that the jet landed safely, the passengers discover that they have been gone for more than five years. Along with attempting to piece their lives back together, the survivors begin to hear weird voices and see bizarre visions.

The show initially aired on NBC, however it was canceled after its third season in 2021. Manifest then found its way to Netflix, where it rapidly became the most viewed series on the site, reaching a whole new audience. This spike in popularity prompted Netflix to acquire the series’ rights and greenlight the final season.

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