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Lordle of the Rings is a fun Tolkien-inspired take on Wordle

[Searches furiously for 'five-letter Hobbit names']

You may have heard that the New York Times bought Wordle, the ubiquitous word-guessing game that launched the year. Meanwhile, a slew of free-to-play Wordle fan projects — not ones that want to profit from the original game — have cropped up. One of them is dubbed “Lordle of the Rings,” a play on words for a Lord of the Rings-themed Wordle in which the winning phrases are all from the classic series. The guidelines at the bottom of the word puzzle game’s homepage state, “Use only five-letter words (including names) in the main text of Lord of the Rings.”

Lordle of the Rings was constructed using Vue.js, an open source JavaScript framework, based on a fan-designed Wordle interface. According to the README portion of the Github page, Vue Wordle, or VVordle as the designer calls it, is “simply for fun and doesn’t strive to 100% imitate the original.” Furthermore, the “repository is open sourced for educational reasons exclusively.” If you like, you may use this interface to create your own customized version of Wordle for fun.

Names and other proper nouns from J.R.R. Tolkien’s realms are among the terms that operate in Lord of the Rings. However, it also includes terms that are, well, typical words — they simply feel unique in this context (“shire” and “elves,” for example). It’s fair game if it’s in the primary text of The Lord of the Rings. I’ve Googled “Hobbit names” before, but this is the first time I’ve Googled “5-letter Hobbit names.”

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