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Kapp’n and his boat tours – Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide

How can you get access to Kapp'n and his mystery tours?

Kapp’n, the endearing kappa (rather than turtle), has joined the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 lineup. He’s stationed on your island’s dock, ready to captain a small boat that will transport you to several islands with distinct sceneries via Kapp’n’s Boat Tours.

In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Kapp’n guide, we’ll go over Kapp’n’s background, what you can anticipate from his boat journeys to mystery islands that only he knows about, how much you’ll spend in Nook Miles for a voyage and a sea shanty, and what you need to accomplish before Kapp’n arrives.


Kapp’n is a kappa, a mythological, turtle-like Japanese folktale creature noted for using many modes of transportation. He’s driven cabs and buses in past Animal Crossing games, but in New Horizons, he’s returned to his sailing origins.

He’ll guide you to strange islands from your island’s port. Kapp’n’s Boat Tours cost 1,000 Nook Miles each trip, and he’ll serenade you on the way. Each player is only permitted one boat journey each day.



Kapp’n will take you to a random island, unlike those available on a Nook Mystery Tour. Kapp’n will transport you to a variety of islands, each with something unique to offer – some feature unusual vegetation, while others are in various seasons or at different times of day. They’re also useful for growing seasonal goods such as snowflakes and mushrooms.


Kapp’n will not emerge on your island until you have achieved some progress in the base game (the part of the game that existed before the 2.0 update). We’ve determined (after rigorous testing) that you must complete the following tasks before Kapp’n arrives:

  • Unlock Resident Services so Isabelle may visit your town.
  • Obtain a three-star town rating so that K.K. Slider can perform in your community.
  • The day following K.K. Slider’s performance, Isabelle informs you that ordinances have been unlocked and that special boat trips are available, a homage to our beloved Kapp’n.

Kapp’n’s boat will dock on your vacant New Horizons pier. When you restart your game after the update has been downloaded, he will be waiting for you on the boat – no unlocking required.If you’ve been to Blathers previously, he’ll also direct you to the pier: You must take one of Kapp’n’s excursions to find the pigeon coffee slinger seeking for gyroids in order to unlock Brewster.

What exactly are the islands?

After a little song, you’ll arrive at a mysterious island with Kapp’n. They are arbitrary, and you have no control over where you dock. Here are a few that we’ve seen thus far:

  • Shooting star island, where shooting stars abound and star pieces fall from the sky
    Crop islands are islands that are planted with wheat, pumpkins, tomatoes, or other crops.
  • Out-of-season snowflakes can be caught on Winter Island.
  • Vine and shining moss island, featuring vine and glowing moss that does not grow on your home island.
  • Bell bags grow on Money Tree Island, where all trees thrive.
  • Cherry blossom island, where the trees are still pink and cherry blossoms may be found
  • Acorn/pinecone/mushroom island, an autumn island covered with acorns, pinecones, and mushrooms.

Regardless of the island, look around for anything hidden: Occasionally, you’ll come upon gyroid shards hiding underground or DIY recipes bottled up on the seashore.


You can’t avoid Kapp’n’s music, and how could you!? I’m joking. But you don’t have to do nothing. By pressing the A button, you may clap along to the beat (or not). Reactions may also be used using the other buttons on the right side of the Nintendo Switch.

If you’re in a hurry, you can force him to stop singing by pressing the B button, but you’d never interrupt a singing kappa, would you?

Update(Nov. 11): We’ve included information regarding skipping Kapp’n’s sea shanty.

Update (Nov. 12): We’ve included details about what you need to accomplish before Kapp’n comes on the pier.

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