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Is there a secret or several endings in Stray?

A no-spoiler guide to Stray's finale

Stray is a narrative-driven short game in which you play as a cat attempting to escape a robotic underworld and return to your home. Throughout your journey, you can perform a number of side activities and gather memories to assist your drone companion, B12. You may also acquire little badges to wear on your kitty leash.

With so many variables and things to discover, you might question if Stray has several or secret endings to discover. In this Stray guide, we’ll address that question and inform you if you can change the game’s ending or achieve an alternative result.

[Warning: While we won’t go into depth about any narrative details or reveal the fates of any characters below, some may consider knowing how many endings Stray has to be a spoiler. If you want to be fully startled, play the game before reading the rest of this caution.]

Stray only has one ending, and it cannot be changed. Optional objectives such as collecting all of the Sheet Music, energy drink cans, and even memories will not provide you with an extra cutscene or allow you to change anything. It should also be noted that the cat does not die at the conclusion of the game.

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