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In Pokémon Go, how do you evolve Wurmple into Silcoon or Cascoon?

Finish the Bug Out! Collection Challenge

Those wishing to fulfill the Bug Out! mission in Pokémon Go should evolve Wurmple into Silcoon or Cascoon. Collection Challenge will run into a problem: you won’t be able to pick or control whatever cocoon the worm transforms into.

Wurmple develops into Cascoon or Silcoon in mainline Pokémon games based on its personality rating, an unseen stat that you can’t even check in game. However, Wurmple’s evolution in Pokémon Go is totally random, so you’ll just have to keep growing fresh Wurmple until you reach the desired evolution. Fortunately, Wurmple only need 12 Wurmple Candy to evolve, so if you’re collecting loads in an event (like the Pokémon Go Bug Out 2022 event, which is now underway), you’ll have plenty of candy to try your luck with. Throw a Pinap Berry to quadruple your Wurmple Candy collection if you need more candy.

Once you have Silcoon, you may develop it into Beautifly by using 50 Wurmple Candy. If you obtain Cascoon, you may develop it into Dustox using 50 Wurmple Candy.

That being stated, it stands to reason that the Wurmple evolution method in Pokémon Go is likewise fully random, even though it can result in a terrible unfortunate streak.

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