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How to get infinite lava in Minecraft

Use dripstone to obtain unlimited lava or obsidian for fuel.

Minecraft’s lava is a valuable resource for generating furnace fuel or obsidian (or for roasting mobs). However, maintaining an infinite supply of lava requires some effort.

This Minecraft unlimited lava guide will teach you all you need to know to make your own limitless supply of lava.


The first item you’ll need to make a limitless supply of lava is lava. It may be gathered in a bucket (3 iron ingots). Aboveground, it is typically found along stony cliffs or in caves and canyons. It may also be found underground, especially as you go deeper.

You’ll also need at least one pointed dripstone. In dripstone cave biomes, you’ll discover pointed dripstone as stalactites and stalagmites, but you can also develop your own.

A cauldron (7 iron ingots) and a few fireproof blocks (essentially anything that isn’t wood or wool) are also required.

How to get infinite lava in Minecraft

Lay the cauldron on the ground, and two places above it, place a fireproof block. Place the pointed dripstone on the underside of that block (we use dripstone blocks here, but they aren’t required). Close in the area surrounding the top of the block to prevent lava from escaping, and leave a space in the center just above the block, pointed dripstone, and cauldron. Pour some lava into the hole. It will take some time, but the cauldron will gradually fill with lava, allowing you to harvest it using a bucket.


The most obvious application for lava is as a fuel for a furnace (or blast furnace or smoker). In Minecraft, the longest-burning fuel source is a bucket of lava. Place the bucket of lava in a furnace’s fuel slot and begin smelting things. The empty bucket may be recovered right away, and the furnace will continue to operate until it runs out of inputs. A bucket of lava is sufficient fuel to smelt 100 blocks.

Lava and water can also be mixed to make a few more useful blocks. Cobblestone is formed when lava flows into water, while obsidian is formed when water flows over lava. This essentially implies that you may harvest the materials for a Nether portal or an enchanting table.

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