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How to find and complete The Great-Jar’s challenge in Elden Ring

Here's how you may obtain the Great-Jar Arsenal Talisman.

A huge jar stands watch outside a fortress in Elden Ring’s hazardous, toxic marsh – the region known as Caelid. This character’s name is The Great-Jar, and you’ll probably view them for the first time from a cliff wall overlooking where he sits, right next to the smaller Erdtree to the west.

This jar is tough to access and will present you with a significant task once you there. But his prize, the potent Great-Jar Arsenal Talisman, is well worth the effort.

We’ll tell you how to find The Great-Jar and why you should accept his challenge in this tutorial.



The Great-Jar is located in northern Caelid, in front of the semi-circle castle in the region’s center. You will perish if you attempt to leap down to them from the Minor Erdtree or anyplace else. You must take a precise path in order to reach The Great-Jar.

Travel north as far as you can on the lowest level of the Siofra River Well (which you may access through an elevator near to the Minor Erdtree in Mistwood). You’ll eventually come to an elevator that will transport you inside The Great-abyss. Jar’s Ride it to the top.

Return to Caelid and continue on the road, slaying the giants with arrows along the way.Talk to them when you reach The Great-Jar.


Turn around and gaze behind you after speaking with the Great-Jar (they will always answer with “…”). There will be three summon signs on the ground. Each of them will summon an NPC with the title “Knight of the Great Jar,” and each will utilize a random player’s loadout.

You must overcome each of these three AI players one at a time. You will not be allowed to depart or replenish your flasks at a grace spot between them. You’ll have to run through the abyss again if you perish.

You won’t be able to prepare much for this combat because it is so unpredictable. However, this implies that you will ultimately encounter adversaries with loadouts that are inferior to yours. Keep going, and you’ll finally defeat all three. Going offline will make fights simpler because it will not pull from actual players’ highly optimal builds.

When the fight is over, speak with The Great-Jar, who will grant you the Great-Arsenal Jar’s Talisman. This Talisman boosts your Max Equip Load by 19%, making it ideal for medium-weight players looking to wear extra protective gear.

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