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How to build a house in Minecraft

You'll want something easy to begin with, but you may improve as you gain experience.

Building a house is one of the most significant things to undertake in a new Minecraft world.

Monsters such as skeletons and zombies will appear at night, so you’ll need a house to securely hide from them as well as a home base for your character.


If you intend to play with pals, you need construct a small house at your first spawn place. This will provide them a safe place to hang out if they spawn at night and will also function as a signpost so you know where to look for spawn.

You may build a more complex house in your preferred biome as you progress through the game.


To construct any structure in Minecraft, just put blocks to form walls. Build some walls by stacking blocks on top of each other, and then form a roof by stacking blocks side by side on top.

Most blocks, whether dirt, wood, or cobblestone, can suffice for a rudimentary home. Sand and gravel will also work, however they cannot be utilized to construct a roof since they will collapse. Keep in mind that utilizing wood-based blocks makes the construction flammable, thus we recommend using stone or other mined pieces.

How to build a house in Minecraft

Make sure you have several torches in your home since creatures will spawn in the dark. You should also add a door, which you may create by putting planks on a crafting table in a 2-by-3 formation.

How to build a house in Minecraft

After you’ve finished all of this, you should have a simple location to hide from monsters at night.


Because your home will be your base, you should have at least a Bed (three Wool and three Planks), Chests (eight Planks), a Crafting Table (four Planks), and a Furnace (8 Cobblestone or Blackstone). Everything on this page will be crafted at your Crafting Table with the components mentioned.

Later on, you’ll need an Enchanting Table (two Diamonds, four Obsidian, and one Book), Bookshelves (three Books and six Planks), an Anvil (three Blocks of Iron and four Iron Ingots), and a Grindstone (two Sticks, one Stone Slab, and two Planks), though most players may prefer to have this setup in a different building. These are the things that are used to enchant tools and armor.


When you can readily collect resources, you may focus on improving your home. Concrete Powder (one Dye, four Sand, and four Gravel) may be used to produce colorful dwellings, Buckets (three Iron Ingots) can be used to make pools of water (or lava), and Sand can be used to make Glass Panes (six Glass) for windows. You may also use Wool to manufacture carpets (two wool) and even paint your walls (eight Sticks and one Wool).

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