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Halo Infinite co-op and Forge open beta coming in November

Mission replay, a free 30-tier Battle Pass, and other features are also available.

Campaign network co-op, mission replay, and numerous other new features such as Forge open beta and a new 30-tier Battle Pass will be added to Halo Infinite as part of the game’s Winter Update on November 8th, according to 343 Industries.

Since the game’s first release in December of last year, campaign network co-op and mission replay have been among the most desired additions for Halo Infinite. These additions will be made to the game more than two months after it was announced that split-screen co-op, a staple of the franchise since the first Halo, will no longer be available in Infinite.

The topic of how 343 Industries will handle co-op in Halo Infinite has lingered in the game’s player community, especially given that Infinite represents the series’ first semi-open world campaign, as opposed to the series’ previous individual, mission-based campaigns.

In the Winter Update ViDoc, Campaign Lead Designer John Mulkey underlined that the same approach applies to goods such as Spartan cores, weapons, and souvenirs. “For example, if you’ve gathered a Spartan Core but I haven’t, when we go to that Spartan Core [in a network co-op game], it’s still interactive and either of us may activate it to collect it.” Those who haven’t obtained the Spartan Core do so.” Mulkey also mentions that at the start of a Fireteam session for campaign network co-op, all skulls — particular combat or gameplay-altering treasures — obtained by each individual player in their own games would be available for selection.

When co-op players are exploring the game’s semi-open world outdoor map, 343 Industries has introduced a radius-based system. “We went to the largest base in the game and then practically doubled the [maximum allowable area for players to be separated from one another,” Mulkey explains. Individual players will also be able to skip narrative segments without interfering with another player’s storyline, as well as activate a mission replay, quick travel to a different location, and turn off shared mission markers.

Halo Infinite co-op and Forge open beta coming in November

New achievements will be provided for co-op and mission replay that motivate players to go back and revisit areas of missions that were previously unavailable before the mission replay feature.

All of this, as well as the Forge open beta, two new official Forge maps called Argyle and Detachment, a free 30-tier Battle Pass, a new multiplayer mode called Cover 1-Flag, two upcoming multiplayer events in December and January, and Match XP, will be added to Halo Infinite on November 8th as part of the Winter Update.

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