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Genshin Impact Sea Salt-Crusted Key guide

How to Locate and Use the Sea Salt-Crusted Key

The Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact includes a ton of riddles, and Mona’s region, Minacious Isle, may have some of the most challenging. If you’ve been exploring, you’ve most certainly discovered a Sea Salt-Crusted Key, which allows you to access a specific gate on Minacious Isle.

Our Sea Salt-Crusted Key tutorial explains how to locate and utilize this enigmatic key. You must first complete Mona’s event, “Temple of the Star Latitudes,” before proceeding.

If you become stuck on Mona’s version of Minacious Isle, you can adjust the layout by interacting with the blue platforms surrounding the island. The blue platform from which you enter her domain is not the same platform from which you toggle the islands. Below, we’ve indicated the position of one of the toggle-able platforms:

Genshin Impact Sea Salt-Crusted Key guide


Use the Waverider to cruise to the western island once Minacious Isle has been restored to its previous shape. Dive into the hole. The area you just leapt into should have a locked puzzle, but ignore it and climb into the hole in the wall. Break the rocks that the digging Hilichurl was burrowing to inspect a shining area. This will reward you with the Sea Salt-Crusted Key.

Genshin Impact Sea Salt-Crusted Key guide


When Minacious Isle is in the shape of Mona (no islands to the west), go to the southern section of the island to gain access to the ruins.

There is a ruins entry near the bottom of the island, where you beat up a digging Hilichurl for Mona’s narrative domain, however this is the incorrect entrance. The entry we’re referring about is the one above the one with the digger Hilichurl.

Genshin Impact Sea Salt-Crusted Key guide

Follow the passage inside and swiftly flick the two switches in the area. The first is on the left as you walk away from the entrance, and the second is on top of a mound of rubble. Climb up via the ceiling gate that opened immediately after flipping them.

After clearing away the Hilichurls, use the Sea Salt-Crusted Key to open the gate.

Surprisingly, another Sea Salt-Crusted Key is in the pot just in front of the gate. We haven’t discovered a need for this key yet, but we’ll update this tutorial as soon as we do.

This room’s riddles are for the “Thus Was the Work Done in Vain” global quest line.

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