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Eragon will be adapted into a Disney Plus series

The complete Inheritance Cycle series will be adapted for the program

The first novel in the young adult series The Inheritance Cycle, Eragon, will be adapted for Disney Plus. According to Variety, the streaming service intends to adapt the whole Inheritance Cycle, penned by Christopher Paolini, as a TV series. For the time being, the series is still in its early stages, which means it may not proceed.

The story follows Eragon, a young boy who discovers a mystical dragon egg that hatches into Saphira, a dragon. He and Saphira go on an expedition to save the formerly flourishing Kingdom of Alegasia, which has been reduced to ruin by the wicked ruler Galbatorix.

Paolini will co-write the series with executive producer Bert Salke (Percy Jackson). This would be the second time Eragon has been adapted, the first being a feature film released in 2006, which is currently streaming on Disney Plus. The film stars Jeremy Irons (Watchmen), Rachel Weisz (Black Widow), and John Malkovich (The New Pope), among others, but it was a flop with spectators.

This series also appears to follow Disney’s tendency of translating famous YA book franchises for Disney Plus, since the Percy Jackson series has already been confirmed for an upcoming adaptation. While that series has already revealed several of its main cast members, it isn’t expected to premiere until late 2023 or 2024, putting Eragon even farther behind — assuming it is picked up by the streaming service at all.

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