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Elden Ring walkthrough: Waypoint Ruins

Find every item, treasure box, adversary, and boss, and gather all of the items, loot, and drops.

Waypoint Ruins is a basement and a boss encounter in Elden Ring’s East Limgrave section that unlocks a merchant. We’ll tell you how to discover the ruins, how to kill the monster, and what prizes you can anticipate in this Elden Ring Waypoint Ruins guide.


Elden Ring walkthrough: Waypoint Ruins

Waypoint Ruins is located in East Limgrave, to the east of Lake Agheel. It is easily accessible by following the route from either the north or south.

A Giant Poison Flower grows outside the ruins. Poison resistance, as the name implies, will aid in defeating this foe. Using fire also clears the harmful vapors it produces. It can also produce miniature poison blooms that emit the same poison.

Elden Ring walkthrough: Waypoint Ruins

The ruins’ entrance lies immediately to the south of the Giant Poison Flower. Approaching from the south allows you to dodge the flower, which cannot target you underground.

Defeating the flower will cause it to vanish, exposing Miranda Powder, five Poisonbloom, and Immunizing Cured Meat on the body underneath. Do some horse parkour to collect four Trina Lily from a corpse draped over a wall further south. The simplest method to get there is to climb to the highest point of the ruins and then drop down.


Elden Ring walkthrough: Waypoint Ruins

Mad Pumpkin Head may be found among the subterranean ruins. He strikes with a flail, causing Bleed damage, and his own skull. By slamming one of these down, he opens himself up to counterattack. It also helps to attack his vulnerable body rather than his armored head. This is easy from behind, given his hunched stance. Summons can assist keep his attention focused in one way so you can avoid these backstabs.

You will receive 1,100 Runes for defeating Mad Pumpkin Head. It will also make the Waypoint Ruins’ site of grace emerge, allowing you to return here more easily afterwards.

Elden Ring walkthrough: Waypoint Ruins

You can also now journey further into the Ruins to meet the merchant Sellen. Sellen will provide you a variety of sorceries.

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