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Elden Ring guide: Ring of Oath location

You're looking for the Dark Moon Ring, which doesn't exist.

Elden Ring’s Ring of Oath is an artifact necessary to cross over a barrier in the Lake of Rot subterranean location, according to the game. The issue is that the Ring of Oath does not exist. We’ll tell you where to discover the Dark Moon Ring, which is what the Ring of Oath is named, in our Elden Ring Ring of Oath tutorial.

Finding the Dark Moon Ring is part of Ranni’s questline, which you can read about in detail here.


Before you may use the Ring of Oath (also known as the Dark Moon Ring), you must first complete Ranni’s questline. You must have already found Blaidd in the Siofra River region, defeated Starscourge Radahn, discovered the Fingerslayer Blade in Nokron, Eternal City, flipped the Carian Study Hall, traveled to the Ansel River via the Waygate at the top of Renna’s Rise (not Ranni’s Rise), and defeated the Baleful Shadow at the Lake of Rot’s entrance.

The Discarded Palace Key may be obtained by defeating the Baleful Shadow. Examining the Discarded Place Key reveals that it opens a chest “discovered in Raya Lucaria’s Grand Library with her mother Rennala.”


You don’t necessary to have completed the Academy of Raya Lucaria before reaching this stage, but if you haven’t already, you should do it now. Once that’s done, proceed to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library’s grace site.

Elden Ring guide: Ring of Oath location

Unlock the locked box to Rennala’s left. The Dark Moon Ring may be found within. This is the Ring of Oath, which is described as being “symbolic of a chilly oath.”

With the Dark Moon Ring in your inventory, the barrier will be removed, allowing you to go to the Astel, Naturalborn of the Void boss battle.

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