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Elden Ring guide: Limgrave dungeon locations and rewards

East and West Limgrave's optional dungeons

In this Elden Ring Limgrave dungeons and rewards guide, we’ll list all of the optional dungeons in East and West Limgrave, show you where they are on a map, and tell you about the awards for finishing each one.

Elden Ring’s dungeons are optional regions for you to explore, generally in the form of caverns or tunnels. They typically include a valuable reward or precious crafting materials.

If you’re looking for the Weeping Peninsula, which appears to be part of Limgrave, we have a guide only for Weeping Peninsula dungeons here.


Elden Ring guide: Limgrave dungeon locations and rewards

To be clear, not all of the symbols on the map above are for dungeons (or caves, catacombs, or tunnels). Instead, we’ve highlighted dungeons, ruins, and other sites that feature a mini-boss or a noteworthy prize (or both). They can be found in…


The Coastal Cave is located, predictably, near the shore in southwest Limgrave. Inside, you’ll continue Boc the Seamster’s journey (if you haven’t already) and battle a slew of demi-humans, including a couple of Demi-Human Chiefs. Your prize for completing this dungeon is a Sewing Needle (for Boc) and the Tailoring Tools, which will let you to customize the look of (part of) your armor.


The Dragon-Burnt Ruins are located in south-central Limgrave, near the midst of Lake Agheel. They’re a little tricky, and they feature some high-level foes, so don’t rush into them. As you get closer, you’ll run into the Flying Dragon Agheel, who will drop a dragon heart for you to take to the Church of Dragon Communion to learn a new dragon-themed spell.

In the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, there are two sets of stairs that go underground. One leads to a chest containing a twinblade – a dual-ended weapon. The other leads to a rat-infested area with a transporter chest disguised as a chest. That trap transports you to Caelid’s Sellia Crystal Tunnel.


The entrance to the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave is located inside the Stranded Graveyard. To go there, you’ll need two Stonesword Keys. You’ll have to evade a Chariot, deal with some imps, combat a couple of Grafted Scions, and eventually face an Ulcerated Tree Spirit down in the Grave.

After a lot of fighting (and dying), you’ll emerge from the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave with the Erdtree’s Favor talisman, a Dragon Communion Seal to boost Dragon Communion incantations, an Erdtree Greatbow if you manage to destroy the Chariot, and a Golden Seed and the Banished Knight Oleg Spirit Ashes if you defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit.


The Groveside Cave is a minor dungeon where you’ll fight a few wolves before facing the Beastman of Farum Azula. The Flamedrake Talisman, which enhances your resistance to fire damage, is your prize.


The Limgrave Tunnels have their own guide, which you can find here. You’ll get a lot of smithing stones and, if you beat the Stonedigger Troll, a Roar Medallion that boosts roar and breath attacks.


Along the route through East Limgrave, you’ll come across a ghost who will guide you to the Mistwood Ruins, where you’ll battle a Lesser Runebear and obtain the Axe Talisman, which boosts your axe damage.


You’ll face off against the Grave Warden Duelist in the Murkwater Catacombs for the Battle Hammer warhammer.


On your route to Murkwater Cave, you’ll encounter Bloody Finger Nerijus (when destroyed, they’ll drop the Reduvia dagger). Patches the Untethered may be found inside Murkwater Cave. If you save his life, he will become a trader in Liurnia.


The Stormfoot Catacombs are located on the west side of West Limgrave, about northwest of the Church of Elleh. There are several imps and an Erdtree Burial Watchdog within. You’ll leave with two new Spirit Ashes: Wandering Noble Ashes and Noble Sorcerer Ashes.


A Tibia Mariner guards Summonwater Village, located northeast of Limgrave. D, Hunter of the Dead’s journey includes a visit to the drowned village (s). You’ll discover a bunch of turtles and the Green Turtle Talisman, which boosts your stamina recovery, in an underground room secured with a Stonesword Key.


Poisonous flowers abound at the Waypoint Ruins, located southeast of West Limgrave. You’ll meet Mad Pumpkin Head and the sorceress Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins Cellar, who will offer you incantations.

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