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Elden Ring guide: Best Moonveil Katana build and how to get it

Here are all of the Moonveil Katana's upgrades.

Elden Ring contains a large armory of absurd and entertaining weaponry, and hidden within the mountain are a few jewels that are incredibly powerful. The Moonveil Katana is one of the greatest, especially early on.

The Moonveil has many of the conventional advantages of other katanas, such as swift swing speed and strong bleed stats, but it also has a superb Ash of War ability that causes tremendous damage, especially against bosses.

How to obtain the Moonveil Katana, as well as what else you need equip and improve to become a boss-killing Samurai wizard, is detailed below.


Elden Ring guide: Best Moonveil Katana build and how to get it

You may get the Moonveil by killing Magma Wyrm, the last monster of Caelid’s Gael Tunnel dungeon. While the monster can be challenging, owing in part to his strange, difficult-to-dodge run attack, he’s still killable early on in the game, especially if you have magic or a katana for the bleed effect.


The Moonveil requires 12 Strength, 18 Dexterity, and 23 Intelligence to wield. You’ll need to invest some upgrade points in Intelligence and Dexterity to get the most out of this weapon. Though the weapon’s Ash of War will do the majority of your damage, you should boost one of these two attributes so you aren’t utterly vulnerable if you run out of FP.

The weapon level of the Moonveil is the most crucial component since it determines how much damage its Ash of War ability deals. Somber Smithing Stones may be used to improve the Moonveil.


There are a couple Talismans that are really useful for the Moonveil build, especially since you’ll be repeating the weapon’s Ash of War so frequently. Here is a list of all the Talismans that go well with Moonveil.

  • Carian Filigreed Crest — Lowers FP consumed by skills
  • Cerulean Amber Medallion — Raises maximum FP


  • Ancestral Spirit’s Horn — Restores FP upon defeating enemies

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