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Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss guide

Defeat the Godskin Apostle and Noble.
Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss guide

The Godskin Duo in Crumbling Farum Azula is (are?) certainly one of Elden Ring’s most vexing monsters. To begin with, the combination of Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble is not a fair battle, but this confrontation has extremely strange regulations. The bosses each have their own health meter, but there is also a communal health bar at the bottom of the screen. You can kill one or both of them, but they will keep respawning until their health meter is entirely drained.

Why? Only the designers at FromSoftware are aware of this. Whatever the cause of this poisonous nightmare of a boss battle, however, there are some very easy solutions. Our Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss battle guide will show you how to beat them (it?).



Traditional methods can be used to defeat the Godskin Duo in Crumbling Farum Azula. You can call other players, utilize your beloved Spirit Ash, or even seek the assistance of Recusant Bernahl, whose NPC summon sign awaits outside the boss area when you approach from the Dragon Temple Transept site of grace.

With extra bodies in the mix, you may more easily concentrate on one boss at a time, then gang up on the other when one dies.

Bloodhound’s Step can assist you dodge their vexing attacks (this Ash of War can be obtained from the Night’s Cavalry at Lenne’s Rise in eastern Caelid).

They’re both vulnerable to frost and bleeding, so use Hoarfrost Stomp and Rivers of Blood against them (from a scarab southeast of Caria Manor and the NPC invader at Church of Repose, respectively).

Why not splatter them with Night Maiden’s Mist (bought from Gowry as part of Millicent’s Quest)? Don’t be afraid to employ even the most rudimentary tactics against these rude knuckleheads.

But there is one approach that is so successful that it appears to be what the creators intended you to do all along: sleep. Both bosses are so sleep-deprived that a single well-aimed pitching pot can put them both to la-la-land, where they’ll stay for an astonishingly long time. You can put one of them to sleep and have enough time to kill the other twice before the first wakes up.

You can sing them a variety of lullabies, including:

  • Sleeping Pots This is the simplest way because it only requires one or two pots. The recipe can be discovered in Fevor’s Cookbook [1], which can be found in Limgrave in a tiny graveyard south of the Summonwater Village Outskirts site of grace. Head southeast from the grace and platform down the cliff-edge horizontal stones.
  • Arrows from the Sleepbone Similar to Sleep Pots, however arrows may be shot from a greater distance. The dish may be found in Fevor’s Cookbook [2]. Buy it from the merchant on the way south from the Main Academy Gate location of grace at Raya Lucaria.
  • Soothing Grease This purple grease enables you to inflict sleep with any weapon that does not already have an element. The recipe may be found in the same book as the Sleepbone Arrows.

Each of the three recipes listed above requires St. Trina’s Lily, a rather scarce crafting item. You probably already have some in your inventory, but if not, there are a few places where you may obtain them. You may get some from the Raya Lucaria trader listed above, as well as the one at Fort Haight in eastern Limgrave.

Furthermore, if you have access to the Consecrated Snowfield, the jellyfish outside the Apostate Derelict church may drop them.

Alternatively, there are a few of non-consumable methods for inducing sleep:

  • St. Trina’s Sword This may be obtained through the Stonesword Key fog gate at the Forsaken Ruins, just near to the Rotview Balcony site of grace on the boundary between Limgrave and Caelid. The sword isn’t particularly strong, but each stroke causes sleep buildup, and its L2 assault sprays sleep-inducing mist.
  • Torch of St. Trina This one-of-a-kind torch may be plundered from one of the Consecrated Snowfield’s coffin carriages. Following the dotted lines on the map north from the Consecrated Snowfield place of grace until you approach the caravan.

By the way, if you haven’t already done so, check out our guide on getting to the Haligtree.


Normally, we’d advise you to study the boss’s attacks, learning how to dodge or counter each one while recalling where the opportunities for your own strikes could be. In this scenario, though, there is little purpose. These two should not be battled like other bosses.
Instead, we’ll just provide you some basic advice, best practices, and details on a few assaults to keep an eye out for.

  • Sleep comfortably and frequently. Whatever way you choose to put the Godskins to sleep, make sure you do it as soon as you reach the arena. Your aim is to deactivate one of the bosses so you may concentrate on the other. When one begins to snooze, lure the other away from it so you don’t accidently wake up the sleeping one with an attack. Repeat this method as needed until the bosses’ shared health bar is drained.
  • Choose your battles wisely. Consider which one you will put to sleep and which one you will fight. Some gamers believe that fighting the Apostle (the slim one) alone is easier. We have a separate Godskin Noble boss fight guide if you’re having problems with the Noble.
  • Make use of the pillars. You may use the columns in this boss arena to your advantage. These monsters have highly refined input recognition, which means they throw fireballs at you whenever you try to heal. Never heal until you’re concealed. These pillars can also be used to activate area magic such as Hoarfrost Stomp and Night Maiden’s Mist.
  • Keep an eye out for phase 2. When a boss’s individual health bar falls below 50%, regardless of where the collective health bar is, it enters a second phase. Phase 2 introduces new attacks for both Godskins, the majority of which punish you with black flame that saps your health for a brief period of time after the assault falls. However, because of its rolling assault, the Noble’s second phase is typically seen as more dangerous than the Apostle’s. You can try to hide behind the pillars, but they frequently break beneath the onslaught. You can also evade the rolling boss as it approaches you. The timing is difficult, but it’s a useful technique.
  • Use magic with caution. When one Godskin is sleeping, it’s simple to keep your distance from the other by utilizing sorceries and incantations — as long as you know what magic to employ. Sorceries containing the word “Night” in their name, for example, are more difficult for foes to avoid. Furthermore, if you can get both monsters to sleep at the same time, the legendary boss-melting combo of Terra Magica and Comet Azur works wonderfully.
  • Resurrection is supreme. The laws governing how and when the Godskins regenerate after defeat are not entirely understood. When you kill one, the other can conjure a glyph that resurrects its companion by raising a hand over its head. It is subject to assaults during the procedure. Even if the remaining Godskin never performs the resurrect animation, the dead one will return after some time. Meanwhile, if you kill both of them at the same moment, one or both will return after a little break, during which you can heal or buff yourself.Another tip: you may continue assaulting a boss’s dying body after its health has been exhausted, and the duo’s shared health meter will continue to take damage during their death animation.

Remember that the Godskin Duo isn’t fighting fairly, so there’s no need for you to either. This isn’t an honorable combat between players; employ the large range of tools supplied by the creators, and this boss becomes borderline doable.

When vanquished, they drop the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [4], which lets you to purchase Smithing Stone [7, 8], Ruin Fragments, Black Flame Tornado Ash of War, and 127,500 runes.

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