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Competitive mode in Overwatch 2 has been revamped

It's even getting its own scoreboard

Overwatch 2’s competitive play will be a major focus, so it’s no surprise that Blizzard is retooling the game’s hallmark mode to improve the experience. In a developer post on Wednesday, Blizzard revealed several of the improvements coming to Competitive ahead of the game’s upcoming release, including new skill-tier divisions, new criteria to unlock ranked, a more complex scoreboard, and many other features.

To access Competitive play in Overwatch 2, new players must win 50 fast play matches and complete the “first-time user experience,” according to Blizzard. This should ensure that everyone in ranked has enough experience to be there, while also preventing new players from diving in too soon. Returning players who have rankings in the original Overwatch will be allowed to return to Competitive play right away.

Overwatch 2’s Competitive mode will also have a new method for tracking players’ standings throughout the match. Overwatch 2 will feature skill-tier divisions rather than the plain numbers used in the first game; they will split up the standard tiers using a system that starts at division 5 and continues up to division 1, after which they’ll proceed to the next tier. Furthermore, players will be unable to view their progress from game to game. Blizzard will instead only show these ranking adjustments every seven victories or 20 loses.

Another significant change to Competitive mode is the new scoreboard, which will no longer display medals as in the original game and will instead display more standard data like kills, deaths, and assists. These categories should assist players understand how their match is progressing and what they might need to modify to boost their chances of winning.

Along with these major upgrades, Overwatch 2’s Competitive mode will receive a number of smaller quality-of-life enhancements such as enhanced post-game reports and stat monitoring. In Overwatch 2, portrait levels have been replaced with Battle Pass levels.

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