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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s physical disc isn’t actually big enough to hold Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Players who attempt to purchase a physical copy of the game will be greeted with a 150 GB download.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will take a lot of storage space, in true Call of Duty manner. The actual disc, on the other hand, may not even contain the game’s data and is thus nearly worthless. How ineffective? It comes with only 72 MB of data printed on it.

On Wednesday, the Twitter account “Does it play?” shared a screenshot of the Modern Warfare 2 disc’s information page, which classifies game accessibility by calculating how friendly it is to folks without internet connection. The 72 MB of data on the CD is insufficient to play any of the game’s content. It’s unclear what the 72 MB on the CD are for; Polygon has reached out to Activision for more information on what’s on the disc and for any comment, and will update when the business answers.

The base download for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is 151.4 GB, according to PushSquare, with co-op and multiplayer extras that can add a few more gigabytes. Even those who have the game on disc must wait for this enormous download before they can play.

The choice to continue releasing a physical edition of the game has been widely criticized. For starters, the game boxes and discs are harmful for the ecology, taking up extra room in a landfill. The primary function of the disc is to notify the PlayStation or Xbox shop that the player owns the game, allowing them to begin a large download. The physical release is also a concern for video game preservation; without a proper hard copy, gamers will be unable to enjoy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 if Activision removes it off shop shelves.

Players that purchase the CD expressly because they have sluggish or restricted internet connectivity will suffer post-release troubles. While those gamers will never be able to participate in the game’s multiplayer features, their failure to download 150 GB means they will also be unable to enjoy the game’s single player campaign.

Those planning on purchasing a physical copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 when it is released on Friday, Oct. 28, should be prepared for a lengthy download. The game will be released on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X platforms.

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