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Building is back in Fortnite, although you may opt for no-build if you choose.

Battle Royale has returned, but Zero Build remains.

Over the weekend, Fortnite brought back construction. Epic Games re-enabled the game’s default battle royale playlist on Saturday morning, along with all the construction choices players have gotten accustomed to over the years. However, for those who like Fortnite without the constructing, Epic has retained the game’s Zero Build option.

Players may now queue for a typical Fortnite match. Building will be used in these matches, as it was previously, and there will be no Overshield. Meanwhile, in the Zero Build playlist, players may experience buildless firefights while still having Overshields.

Fortnite sans constructing was initially released a few weeks back with the release of the game’s Chapter 3 Season 2 update. While the building’s removal surprised most in the town, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Many individuals appear to have loved the option of playing a version of Fortnite where just your aim matters, attracting both new and old players.

Some streamers have also returned to the battle royale as a result of Zero Build. Twitch hosted a massive Zero Build Twitch Rivals tournament over the weekend, featuring nearly 100 streamers. With all of those streamers returning to Fortnite, the game quickly returned to the top spots on Twitch like it was 2019.

Epic has not stated how long players will be able to enjoy both of Fortnite’s battle royale modes, but Zero Build is likely to remain for the foreseeable future.

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