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At long last, the Hunter x Hunter manga returns in November

Screaming, weeping, trembling, and so on

It’s official – the Hunter x Hunter manga is making a comeback. The Shonen Jump Twitter account announced that Volume 37 would be released in Japan on November 4th. There is no news on when the volume will be released in the United States, but Polygon has reached out to Viz Media for confirmation.
There hasn’t been a Hunter x Hunter manga update since 2018. Yoshihiro Togashio, the author, frequently needs to take breaks from his writing due to frequent and severe health concerns. However, in May, he established a Twitter account and began sharing updates on his efforts. The most of them were simply page numbers that revealed little about the next book, however he did tweet a few more finished drawings and sketches.

The manga began in 1998 and was adapted into two anime series. Hunter x Hunter is set in a world where licensed professionals known as Hunters go on fanciful adventures such as capturing deadly beasts, chasing down criminals, and searching for riches. Gon, a young and immensely bright boy, takes the Hunter Exam in order to discover his long-lost father, a renowned Hunter who abandoned him as a youngster. Along the journey, Gon encounters Killua, the fugitive heir of a famed assassin family; Kurapika, the solitary survivor of a horrible massacre seeking vengeance; and Leorio, a medical student.

The current manga volumes have shifted their focus to Kurapika’s desire for vengeance. Kurapika, as a current member of the Zodiacs — the Hunter Association’s governing body — undertook a risky mission to an undiscovered continent. He is the bodyguard to an infant princess and has been navigating the terrible succession fight of a vicious royal family. Leorio is also present, but he is working on the Med Bay and we don’t see much of him.

While you wait for the much awaited update, you may watch the 2011 series on Crunchyroll, which covers the bulk of the manga save for the current arc.

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