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A viral Stranger Things Halloween display has caused chaos in Illinois

This duo has unquestionably won Halloween for the year.

Halloween is almost approaching, and the most festive among us are eagerly anticipating ghosts, ghouls, and other seasonal goodies. Audrey and Dave Appel love Halloween and decorate their entire yard with witches, clowns, and, most notably, a flying Max Mayfield as seen in Stranger Things season 4. That exhibit sparked a debate in their neighborhood, culminating to Max’s requested removal – and we’re just five days into October.

Max has been through a lot with Eleven, Nancy, Steve, Robin, and the rest of the crew from the fictitious town of Hawkins, Indiana. The floating exhibit, which is located in the front yard of the Appel family in Plainfield, Illinois, is technically amazing. There are no apparent cables or supports; it appears that telekinesis is holding a teenager hostage. It draws attention, which is amazing even when the remainder of the yard isn’t littered with cobwebs, monsters, and gravestones. TikTok users and Halloween enthusiasts have visited the location and posted videos of their experiences. The Appels also have a TikTok account where they post previews and process videos.

The exhibit was documented by a CBS affiliate in Chicago, who toured the set and the extravagant props on display. The Appels estimated that it took 1,500 hours to build the set in their backyard, using items such as pool noodles to simulate the spreading decay of the Upside Down. The project, which began on August 1, includes more than simply the Max prop. Alien, Predator, and Pennywise are all hanging out in a suburban yard packed with iconic horror imagery.

The Appels’ exhibit was open for two nights until the pair decided to temporarily shut it. The Appels allege that they have been chastised and accused by neighbors of “drawing bad attention to the community and harming children.”

The spectacle in the couple’s cul de sac house drew huge crowds, which were boosted by TikTok and other social media sites. Before reopening their yard of horrors to the public, the Appels want to speak with local officials to confirm that their exhibit passes all safety laws and requirements.

On Monday, the pair said on their Facebook page, “Yesterday, we were preparing our tear down.” We awoke this morning to a torrent of tremendous support asking us to wait. We’ve made incredible progress by talking with the local police department, (other) neighbors, the association, and community leaders. Wednesday, October 5th, is a significant date. We will not let one insane neighbor ruin the enjoyment for the wonderful families and Stranger Things fans who have come to visit. Please refrain from visiting till the dust has settled.”

We’ve reached out to the Appels for comment and will keep you updated if we hear back. On Wednesday, the pair plans to deliver a last update through TikTok.

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